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Open Letter To Richard Parnell

(The date on the original Open Letter was March 20, 2012 and was posted at 10:46am)

Your comment made yesterday. Really Dick you think you are that important that your name will bring in hits.... Funny I do not even care if we get hits, wtf.... And WTF are hits going to do? LMFAO!

Open Letter to Richard Parnell:

Dear Dick,

Are you serious with your claim I stole anything you had, or ASSUME anyone with Beyond Bullshit took anything. Excuse me but you do not hold the copyright of anything concerning the Emmy Award.. It did not and does not belong to you or me. I had no use for any of your material, really dude why in the world would I use that crap for? Oh yeah, only to show how dumb I thought the whole award scene was. The person who you slandered on a post last night had nothing what to do with MY posting of what I thought of your dumb ass awards, for one thing.

You were using the REAL EMMY AWARDS name and the picture of the real award. Read this; ©1995-2012 Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. All rights reserved. Emmy®and the Emmy statuette are the trademark property of ATAS/NATAS. Damn, I don’t see your name there…hmmm.. All I did was to say I felt giving awards out were bullshit, so really stop lying. Your credibility is in the toilet…  I am sure you will have your people harass us again; I have saved screen caps on that also. Show me other than busting you on the awards did I use any of your crap,oh yeah again, to show how I thought the award scene was dumb, and dude it was not yours, you do not, and did not, and will not own the fucking copyright. 

Now I still have the screens caps where you deleted your comments, that shows me your credibility again that you in MY OPINION are dishonest. I know you lied when you said I stole your crap. So really get real and grow the hell up. Now for those who may have a problem understanding this… It really ends up meaning, now read carefully,  Richard(Dick) was using material that was no this in the first place…… Me.. I called him out on it…….  So Richard (Dick) is pissed and has lied,stop lying, I hear the toilet flushing…..

What’s funny, I see you now call the awards Emmie’s, and you changed the look of the statute.. I hope that statute does not have a copyright…  So I guess you knew you were infringing on ATAS/NATAS copyright, right?



Extra note: Here are some of the screen caps from your postings on our page Beyond Bullshit, you know the ones you deleted so others would not see what an ass you are.

Dick your comment you made was like you thought I had always been disabled, YOU ASSUMED too much....

Your ADVERTISEMENT was deleted; it was my group page not a billboard for your crap. And you continued to try to get your advertisement every chance you got, so yes they were deleted.

Funny my last comment on here was exactly what you did, you deleted your comments.  Wow I must be a psychic or I just know a asshole when I see them.

Really I have some more but most of it is you patting yourself on the back off with your slander. Dude I know I said this earlier but damn, grow up. Stop playing like your some big time producer... I tell people about this and they say, "who the hell is Parnell", really that's the truth..... Oh also tell your minions to grow up, however I did find a couple of them funny as hell with their scare tactics.. As my kids use to say,"peace out bitch", oh wait that was me that said that.

To be continued, who knows.

Damn Dick, no one I know said anything about being an expert.


 We have never claimed we were experts but have spent several years now looking a camera anomalies and understand why they look the way they do. Mr Parnell on the other hand failed to tell that the glow in several of his pictures is not paranormal but the glow of a finger caught in the flash. No we are not experts but at least we know that much. It is apparent you did not.

Oh and “don’t ever let it happen again”… Bahahahahaha

The award I made for Beyond Bullshit is placed here for you.. Congratulations !

To be continued