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Next Stop--Bullshit! Today's "Ghost" Tours

The topic of ghost or 'haunted' tours is one that, while we have our opinion, we haven't harped on very much. For the most part, these tours have been for entertainment. A spooky trek through a few historic spots or sections of town with the local legends re-told for an afternoon or evening of fun. If it were left at that, our only real issue would be if historical in accuracies are emphasized as "true stories". Still with all of the para~crap going on in this scene of teams going in to help people (we use the term "help" loosely), the tours haven't been a focus for our site--until now.

Why now? To be honest, we don't object to the way standard ghost tours used to be. When it was about a historic tour of locations that had some legend or folklore attached and a reasonable price was charged, we didn't see much need to call out this venue of entertainment. In the last year we have been taking a closer look at some of these tours due to pictures we saw posted as evidence of paranormal. In doing so, we also saw how many had raised their prices, changed legend into alleged truth, and were encouraging paranormal teams to do overnight investigations for higher fees.

Recently, a tour for a well-known location had a picture on their Facebook page that was identified as one of the dreaded "ghost apps" by Tkay. The picture had been taken by a guest on the tour and the page posted it as "the real deal!" We were glad to see a few step up and voice their suspicions that the tour managers had been bamboozled by a fake. A friend to this page, Kenny Biddle, stepped in with an extremely well-versed comment that was removed as soon as the page saw it.

And thus--the backtracking boogie began with the administrators of the page claiming that their words had been misconstrued, the person who took the photo was a ten-year-old child and everyone calling it fake were mean, terrible people for accusing a kid of lying. The topper--an oldie but a goodie--"why are you taking this so seriously? Get a life!" The picture, along with all of the comments was deleted and the page went on like nothing ever happened.

We know there are many who would argue that ghost tours by their very definition are entertainment and therefore not subject to the same scrutiny as other claims. However we are seeing that the tours have gone from enjoyable history/mystery walks to high priced over-hyped bullshit that is often promoted by paranormal "research" teams.

It's never acceptable to claim fake or explainable pictures as the real deal. It's even worse when it is done to justify the prices and outright false histories being promoted by some of the locations. When we searched an online ghost tour directory for the United States, we discovered more than 400 tours listed. There's no doubt about it...ghosts make bank.

We really don't want to say that people shouldn't have some fun with the paranormal or haunted tourism. Re-enactments, historical presentations of folklore, along with good storytelling can make for an entertaining tourist stop without all of the "ooh and aah" pictures that are explainable or flat out fakes. This is where we draw the line and will call bullshit. To lie or intentionally mislead people for a buck deserves to be called for what it is.

If you truly enjoy the paranormal, then respect its history. Don't waste your time with the tours that make a mockery of that history.



We added extra "ghosts" to the picture it show it was a phone app image