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Tom Halsteads Pictures in Review

It is always sad when anyone dies and worse when it is a younger person, but that does not and should not stop the calling out of one’s actions when they were alive. We were going to wait to post this information but it has been brought up on Worst Paranormal again by someone who was a friend of his.. I take it that according to some the truth is supposed to be hushed because of his death. We believe if the pictures are still being used as evidence they are up for review.

Tom Halstead was called out on his pictures long before his death and since these pictures are still being used to further other people in the limelight of the Paranormal Circus we have decided to bring forth some of the comments he has made concerning this one picture. I might add this is one of many that will be discussed here in the future.

Ever since the movie “Children of the Grave” I have been looking at all involved. I am not going to list those involved but Tom and Paranormal Task Force were ones I had great concern over due to the “evidence”.

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These are caps that came from a discussion concerning the picture above.

Let me also mention there was no HACKING of screens caps. I will say I may not have these in the right order but it has everything to do with the picture posted here. This is how we present our conversations by using the caps so we never delete anything on our pages or others.

Missing Cap

I am not sure what order these caps should be in but we areposting them.

Worst is Christopher.... Or Christopher is

We would like to thank our friends who gathered these caps for us; of course they are the ones who also seek the truth.

Now it is on to the Dumb Ass Paranormal Caps.




An imitation of the style of a particular writer,

artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.


Produce a humorously exaggerated imitation of (a writer, artist, or genre

At this time we only have three reviews in Tom’s pages. We will be adding more soon. Again as long at the pictures are used as evidence we will review them as all evidence.

Some of the comments that were made by Tom to his friends were funny in away because of course he had to build himself up. These where taken on the day he had the run in with Worst and Dumb Ass Paranormal. His page was and still is open to the public.

Ok I have to laugh at the deranged man comment. Cults, oh hell no he didn't say that.. did he.. lol

I would think calling someone a Meth Head is slander as for the, threats, that’s effing bullshit. There were many following this confrontation in Worst and no one was threatening anyone. Why do people say things like that? Shame on him..

Ahh the famous line, “They're stealing photos” really, a share is stealing? His name is on the photos and if they were not, full credit was given. Hell Syfy used one of my little creations in an ad for them and never gave me credit so shit does happen when you have your pictures on facebook and you’re are calling them paranormal.