Paranormal In Review

My interest piqued when I seen a picture that was capped and sent to me. It was a picture with a lot of light movement and a slow shutter speed. Someone was also asking about it in a unity group that I am not a member of so I could not comment on it. I was banned a long time ago when the group was very delusional and they did not like common sense answers.

I actually went to the teams page who posted the picture and seen a poster on an upcoming event. I actually know of two of the people who were on there. The event looks like it is geared for the delusional rather than the ones who are looking for the truth. Just people who strive for attention by pushing absolute bullshit. People who present the most ridiculous so called evidence one could possibly present.

Tickets are $50.00 holy shit… And this is to listen to a couple of speakers who have a video where the pages of a bible are supposed to be turning because of a ghost/demon, oy vey. Kenny Biddle and his wife Donna have made a video explain how easy it is for pages to be turned and not by any paranormal entities. So in my opinion that video that has been posted saying to it a ghost/demon turning the pages is trash. Not any type of evidence. And for 50 dollars you can listen to the creators of that video. I am not going to go on and on about any other evidence they have presented.

Did I see a team that used a silly app? Oh good lord those silly apps that can’t be proven that they work because there were no subjects to test them on. They are based on bullshit for the delusional.

One more thing… If a person is a psychic how come they call anomalies paranormal when they can be can be easily explained? I never could figure that out unless these so called psychics are full of caca.

Do I believe there is something out there that cannot be explained? I think I do but I don’t see many teams or individuals who really try and search without trying to bring bullshit into it. The paranormal hobby has some of more charlatans and attention whores I have ever seen. The circus of the clowns continues.

Events are great if there is no bullshit. Educate people in the do's and don'ts meaning what is not paranormal. Also educate people when it comes to the useless apps.

Here is a link to their video.

Published on Feb 19, 2016

"Is this a demon turning the pages of a scorched Bible? Paranormal experts claim evil spirits have possessed the Holy Book (but is it just a draught?) Paranormal experts Niki ParaUnNormal and Karissa Fleck filmed the clip" 

Experts? Oh please.

Now please watch Kenny Biddle’s video.

“In this episode, I take a look at a video posted that claims to show evidence of Demons moving the pages of a bible. The house is in Seattle, and has been featured on Ghost Adventures - which deemed the claims of activity in the house to be a hoax. This video was shot by two self-proclaimed psychic mediums/ghost hunters in the same house. I take a look at the video and break it down with better information, recreations, and a touch of sarcasm. I tell you what issues I have with the "evidence", and show you how easily it can be created.”

~Kenny Biddle~


I have looked at many of what I call ‘rag online mags’ that the video was sent to by the creators. I was not going to waste my time to look for every comment so here is just a few.

“A complete hoax, if I may say so.”


We are only posting these sites to show that the comments came from their pages. We do not like click bait sites ourselves but we wanted to prove these comments actually were concerning the video.

I find it odd that some of the sites it is posted on when clicking the video it says “this video does not exist”.


By adding this so called evidence to our site you should know what our opinion is.