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Unity and Melanie Cabrera

The National Paranormal Society has once again proved that anyone who speaks plain truth is subject to getting attacked by administrators,blocked from the page and even reported to facebook when they are called out for same. Recently, an administrator spoke up about the subject of demons--a subject that is encouraged for discussion in this group as long as it is feeding into people's fantasy, in our opinion. When genuine help was offered and other explanations discussed for what people perceive to be demons, this member, Melanie Cabrera who was also a state rep as well as having an outside job as a clinician working with families affected by trauma (M.A. Psy.D. Candidate) found herself attacked by other administrators as being 'rude'. The next morning, she discovered that she had not only been removed as a representative from the group, but also blocked from the page--a page that still contained much of her work and writings. We know all too well how quick this group is to block anyone who speaks up when people are making outrageous claims. To top it off, when a personal status was made on her page about the situation, reports were made to Facebook that caused her to be suspended from posting on her own wall for several hours.

THIS is what unity is--not sharing of ideas and information, not networking to help people--it is a bunch of para~crap that is designed to keep the bullshit flowing. That is why anyone who speaks up against it is booted or ends up having to leave because they don't get a voice.

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