Paranormal In Review


We believe this sign should hang over all Unity doors.

We have decided to enter some comments made by people who seem to think “unity” is the way to go in the paranormal community. Neither terms on investigation and research fit the ‘unity” groups. These groups are away for these teams to network their nonsense and most of all they get to bring in the most ridiculous claims without people challenging them on the bullshit.That is a shame because the people who are looking for help are getting the wrong answers and in many cases it has increased their fear. Fantasy seems play a big part in the “uni”world and I find many people in “unity” groups have “delusions of grandeur “,such a shame all the misinformation that is put out there.

Why are we putting this information out? To inform people who want the truth and not the fantasy to look for a team who does not hide under the “unity” umbrella of bullshit. Seek out people who are looking for the real truth.

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First of all, just because a group/team is in a Unity Family it does not mean anything good or special. For any client who is looking for someone to help please, please look at a team’s evidence before you even ask them to come into your home. If a team has blurry pictures, pictures of dust (orbs), pictures of lights that are squiggly, pictures they call “mists” which can either be smoke, fog or breath please look for a different team. Research any team you have in your home. If you need help you can email us.

This is a response to a comment I seen in a “unity” group:

In my personal opinion I would advise anyone seeking a paranormal investigation to not look for a team who is a member of a unity group or site. Now if you want your business or house to be deemed haunted then by all means look for a team who is for unity. After much researching we find these teams to be unaware of what is and is not paranormal. There are many people who refuse to learn the one part of investigating that is important, and that is photography. Now I am not saying one needs a degree but one needs to learn. One way is to listen to people who are willing to explain camera anomalies, camera anomalies are not paranormal. Camera anomalies can be recreated to prove and to be explained. Much of the equipment used in some investigations is just as good as the toys in a toy store made for kids to play ghost hunter. When trying to explain this to some people, they close their minds and again refuse to listen and understand. Now Angela Sangster wrote an article on Fantasy Prone Personalities which is a very good article and after reading it you begin to see how many people in the paranormal community fall into that genre of fantasy prone personalities.

Some unity groups say they are” open minded” and yes they are to everything but the truth people have tried to show them. They say open minded but they ban or delete people who can show them what has been learned so far, which includes photography and the use of equipment. Why do they not except the truth, well we feel and others feel it is because they want so desperately to say they have had an encounter with a ghost/spirit they will call anything paranormal. Most want the attention of people who do not know any better. These people do NOT need to teach anyone if they have no clue in the first place. I do not know how many times I have seen, and to put it bluntly, bullshit, posted and no one in their group has the common sense to explain to these people why their picture looks the way it does. Is it they don’t know either? That is unity, that’s working together? Really..

Stop calling yourselves “PROFESSIONALS” you’re NOT, NO“Professionals” in the paranormal community. Ethical, excuse me, are you serious? Come on stop patting yourself on the back. Presenting non-paranormal pictures saying they are paranormal is unethical, stop playing with others’ lives. It is awful to ban people who say there is no such thing as a professional in the paranormal community, but you say your open minded..

Elite Society would be one who does not lie; once again,presenting non-paranormal evidence as paranormal evidence does NOT make you an Elite Society. People who present the TRUTH are those who are the ELITE, let’s make that very clear.


Again, it is of our opinion for people looking for help to stay away from teams who are in a unity group. Take a look at a team’s evidence. I have said this time and time again, if they call orbs, mists,blurred pictures, a vortex, and the list can go on like call bugs fairies evidence, oh my look for another team. Don’t believe what you see on TV as the truth, it is entertainment.  Being on a TV show is a badge of honor for some which in many cases is a badge of BULLSHIT.